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“Meet the K-Pop Stans Cataloging Their Fave Groups’ Best Looks”

A major part of K-Pop’s appeal is the bold, often eccentric, meticulously styled and coordinated looks that its stars wear. This article from Dazed is about the growing community of K-Pop fans that are using social media to “catalog,” in

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New strategy! New crowd! New team! Big news! We’ll launch a crowdsourcing program at the Library of Congress on October 24. We’re asking everyone to join us as we improve discovery and access across our diverse collections through transcription and tagging. The program is grounded

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Folksonomies and OpenStreetMap

During my research for the final group project, I came across some very interesting research on Folksonomies, OpenStreetMap (OSM), and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). I have a deep love of maps and a new interest in folksonomies, so this was

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#MeToo, #YoTambién, #MoiAussi

Data Visualization credit to Erin Gallagher, Medium@Erin_Gallagher For most of us, social tagging is a de facto part of everyday life. We tag pictures of beautifully arranged food (#HomecookedDinner), of our pets (#Fluffy), even of ourselves (#WokeUpLikeThis), all for the

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A Call to Crowdsourcing

Recently, the National Archives uploaded a new collection of records to their Citizen Archives Project. The relatively small collection features photographs of life on Native American reservations in the early to mid 20th century all in need of descriptive tagging.

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by Hugh McLeod

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