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Music Streaming and Metadata

Music streaming services provide some great quick insight into the personal knowledge organization systems of music streamers, as well as insight into some ways metadata can and should be implemented for ease of use. In this blog post I reflect

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Breaking the Boundaries of Music Genres

I recently attended two concerts: one for indie artist Dessa and the other was David Byrne’s American Utopia on Broadway.  Both of these musicians defied traditional genre boundaries.  Similar to our class conversations about movie genres, music genres are becoming

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Designing for Consistency: The Issue of Unbundling iTunes

I ran into an issue the other day that involved syncing my podcast list from phone to computer — at the time, I didn’t realize that iPhone’s Podcasts app was integrated with iTunes, and all I had to do was

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The Free Music Archive is closing down this month

The WFMU project hosted music that was meant to be freely shared Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images The Free Music Archive was founded in 2009, the same year Barack Obama was inaugurated as this country’s first black president. As a

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Pop culture meets historical archives: the Royal Archives collaborates with the cast of Hamilton

A lot of people see archives as a stuffy, closed room full of old papers and photographs that have little or no relation to present day at all. The British Royal Archive, however, is proving them wrong: As part of

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WFMU’s Free Music Archive

Independent radio station WFMU runs a site called Free Music Archive, which offers a library of legally downloadable music to anyone who may want to listen. The site was “inspired by Creative Commons and open source software” and seeks to encourage music sharing

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