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Sad Songs, Artificial Intelligence and Gracenote’s Quest to Unlock the World’s Music

So, who doesn’t love a sad song?: Gracenote wants to help you find them, using machine listening and learning technologies to recognize and classify genres, and even curate collections globally. I stumbled upon this article after briefly researching CD-Text and

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The Digitization and Organization of Alan Lomax’s Music Recordings Online

For this article, the author, Andrew R. Chow, explains how the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) is digitizing and organizing the collection of music recordings of Alan Lomax (the founder of ACE, who passed away in 2002) on a new

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Lou Reed’s Archives Acquired by NYPL

      Musician and Artist, Lou Reed passed away in 2013, leaving an immense amount of material behind to his wife, Laurie Anderson.  With no instructions whatsoever of how to archive, where to archive, and who to involve, Anderson

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Open Music Library Combines Free and Subscription Databases

This article talks about a new online music library ( OML) that combines open access and public domain content from contributors like Library of Congress (LC) and the British Library (BL), with for-fee content together. It won’t officially launch till 2017 and is

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by Hugh McLeod

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