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Creating a Comprehensive Digital Collection of…Rollerblading Videos?

Though far from the public eye, rollerblading videos have proliferated for over 30 years in the form of VHS films, DVDs, and most recently through a number of digital mediums, including VODs (Videos-On-Demand) and various social media platforms. Over the

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Verizon Pokes Holes in Yahoo Groups Archival Ark

Following Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo in 2017, the telecom giant began cutting costs to their hemorrhaging subsidy. Among the more recent triage measures was the decision announced back in October that Yahoo Groups – one of the largest (in terms

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Digital Vatican Library: Wealth of Information but Difficult to Navigate

There is a lot of mystery and mythology surrounding the “secret archives” contained near the Sistine Chapel, encourage by fictional works such as the Da Vinci Code. The collection is not locked away because it contains the secrets of the

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Digital Preservation Axioms & Development Platforms

In the reading from The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation, author Trevor Owens outlines Sixteen Guiding Digital Preservation Axioms as a point of reference for the rest of the book and his philosophy on digital preservation.  Axiom seven immediately

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The Barack Obama Presidential Library Goes Digital

“The First Digital Archive for the First Digital President” Beginning with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, 13 presidents have established presidential libraries to preserve and provide access to the historical records and materials of the Presidents. The libraries are

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The Obama Center: Don’t call it a library

This recent article in the New York Times explains how the proposed plan for the Obama Presidential Center breaks with tradition and will not actually be a library. Starting with Franklin Delano Roosevelt (and retroactively including Herbert Hoover), each president

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NYT Using Google AI to Digitize its “Morgue”

The New York Times is using AI technology to digitize its collection of over 5 million photos, dating back to the 1870s. The photographs have been sitting in a sea of file cabinets that the NYT refers to as its

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Digitizing Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks at The Victoria and Albert Museum

[Source] I believe sketchbooks and notebooks can be an even greater reflection of an artist’s mind than their finished works of art. Yet, people do not normally get the chance to take a peek at these types of documents. I

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Dealing with Deadly Documents

Plenty of texts have the capability to be “dangerous” – they might teach you how to build a bomb, say, or disseminate violent philosophies. Sometimes texts are so concerning that government officials get involved: through the Minerva Initiative, for example,

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Wikidata and Digital Preservation

After finishing  my term paper surveying Wikidata adoption across GLAM, I wanted to look more closely into the final GLAM project I discussed in my overview. While Wikidata is exciting for plenty of reasons, I am especially curious about Yale

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