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Mapping Paintings

This past summer, Boston University professor Jodi Cranston created Mapping Paintings. Hyperallergic describes Mapping Paintings as “an open-source, searchable platform for compiling provenance data for individual artworks (not just paintings, despite its name), from owners to past locations to details of

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Folksonomies and OpenStreetMap

During my research for the final group project, I came across some very interesting research on Folksonomies, OpenStreetMap (OSM), and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). I have a deep love of maps and a new interest in folksonomies, so this was

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what3words: or how to get a pizza delivered in Ghana The world has a problem, how do you deliver a package, a pizza, or humanitarian aid to somewhere that does not have an address? Street address conventions differ widely throughout the world and in many places, do not

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When Data Becomes Information: Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey has finally begun its denouement in Texas and the massive cleanup effort begins, news outlets are reporting on several ingenious social media search-and-rescue tools.  I’ll highlight two examples here, both of which show the power of turning

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by Hugh McLeod

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