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Drag Queen Outsmarts iPhone Face ID, Raises Questions about AI and Bias

Halfway through applying her makeup, the drag queen Brita Filter, with starkly striped drawn-on eyebrows and unblended cheek contour, wearing a plaid shirt and a wig cap, holds the iPhone X up to her face. As the phone unlocks, she

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Should Libraries Be the Keepers of Their Cities’ Public Data?

In an effort to improve transparency and bolster the amount of data publicly available, US cities are releasing it in droves, allowing for entities in multiple areas to transmute that data into various innovations. From air quality to road conditions

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The Opportunities (and Consequences) of Emotionally Intelligent Technology

As illuminated in the opening of Kate Crawford’s article for The New York Times, there is a fear that technology/machines will surpass human intelligence. Computers are already smart enough to solve complex equations faster than the blink of an eye

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University of Rhode Island Opens AI Lab in Library

I thought this would be an interesting article to discuss, as the last one I found was reminiscent of the bias in AI issue (as discussed in INFO 653-02). This story, from Library Journal, provides a much more positive view

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WHEN IN NATURE, GOOGLE LENS DOES WHAT THE HUMAN BRAIN CAN’T AI-POWERED VISUAL SEARCH tools, like Google Lens and Bing Visual Search, promise a new way to search the world—but most people still type into a search box rather than point

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Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican’s Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives (VSA) collections occupy 53 linear miles of shelving dating back more than 12 centuries. The VSA is so inaccessible to scholars, few pages have been scanned and made available online and even fewer pages have been

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Empty Apartments is a collaborative project between Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson, two practicing artists. The pair conceptualized the image collection when skimming Craigslist for apartments for rent. While browsing, both artists recognized interesting (often baffling) visual similarities in the photographs used

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