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National Film Registry Adds Historically Significant Silent Film

The Library of Congress’ National Film Registry announced on December 12th its selection of  25 new works to their archive. Among the selections is Something Good-Negro Kiss, a silent film from 1898 of great historical importance.  The University of Chicago’s

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‘Dragonfly’ follow-up

I read about Google’s ‘Dragonfly’ project back in September and decided to follow-up on this news story. ‘Dragonfly’ is the codename for a censored search engine produced by Google for China. It has all the ethical violations you’re wondering, which

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Meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the original Mickey Mouse

A legal dispute in the late 1920s forced Walt Disney to abandon his early signature character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  Disney rebounded from this setback by morphing many of Oswald’s key features into Mickey Mouse, the iconic figure of his

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“The World Turned Upside Down”

I just wanted to share this article in The American Archivist about the role of the archivist and their relationship with genealogists (which has historically been a frosty one). Maybe grad school is turning me into a huge nerd, or

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Video Games and Archives

Seeing as all media that is inherently integral to the culture and time that it was created is deserving of being preserved, the notion of finding a way to preserve games is not far fetched. Although you don’t hear as

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Film Archives

Film archives and collections were specialized, and served a utilitarian purpose.(Educational, military, legal, religious) Ongoing efforts by multiple sources to rescue decaying film stocks and preserve the images they contain. Film preservation dates as far back as the 1930’s, but

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Saturday Evening Post Puts Its Nearly 200-Year Archive Online

“What started more than three decades ago as an effort to preserve over 300 Norman Rockwell covers, the Saturday Evening Posthas finally unveiled its new digital archive, consisting of thousands of magazines that date back to its founding in 1821. “It was a

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A New Database Will Feature Works by Overlooked Female Artists from the 15th to 19th Centuries

A group of researchers at the Indiana University Bloomington in collaboration with the Advancing Women Artists foundation (AWA) are working to create an illustrated online database dedicated to documenting more than 600 women artists working in the United States and

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Writer Haruki Murakami plans archive at Japanese university

“TOKYO — Haruki Murakami is planning an archive at his Japanese alma mater that will include drafts of his best-selling novels, his translation work and his massive collection of music, a personal passion that has been a key part of

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The Free Music Archive is closing down this month

The WFMU project hosted music that was meant to be freely shared Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images The Free Music Archive was founded in 2009, the same year Barack Obama was inaugurated as this country’s first black president. As a

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