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Knowing me, knowing you: what information buttons hold

I have a confession – I’m a button freak. Big, small, young, old, one-of-a-kind or unassuming, I love them all. From a sociological perspective, I find buttons fascinating. If everything we put on our bodies is a construction of ourselves

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RadCat and protest: an extended anecdote

As a new student to Pratt’s library and information science program, I have found myself thinking over parts of my life that relate to the knowledge organization and why its important. Even though the content of my courses is new,

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Classification of Children's Literature in the Pratt Brooklyn Collection

Having researched the METIS classification schema, I find myself becoming much more observant of the different ways children’s books are classified depending on context. After recently browsing the collection of children’s books at the Pratt Brookyln Campus Library, I noticed

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Wayfinding in IKEA

If you’ve ever been to an IKEA you know: the stores are massive. Consisting of a Showroom, Cafe, Marketplace, and a large warehouse, every IKEA is laid out in a similar way. Typically two floors, each floor is organized by

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Open-source farming is the utopian dream you didn't know you were having

You have a problem. Society is starting to wear on you, and you need a break from it all. Just a peaceful, quiet patch of land where you can be alone and consider the beauty of nature. Simple. Self-sufficient. So

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New Alexa Feature Lets Your Mom Know You Are Sick

Amazon now controls all the health data by England’s National Health Service. In times like these it’s good to ask, why? Then, why again. Who benefits? Amazon apparently proposed that the information would allow Alexa to offer health advice to

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When Disaster Strikes — UPDATE

Back in September, I wrote a blog post about a fire that happened in my undergraduate library at Kansas State University that took place on May 22, 2018. The Dean of Libraries at Kansas State University, Lori Goetsch wrote an

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Integration of the UCLA Film and Television Archive

The UCLA Film and Television Archive is being integrated into the UCLA Library according to the announcement on December 4th, 2019 from the UCLA Newsroom. The Archive has closely operated alongside the Theater, Film, and Television school at UCLA. With

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Searching for Black Authors

At Illinois State University’s Library, librarians saw that there was no easy way to search for items by the characteristics of the author. A student might want to look at all the libraries holdings by black authors but there was

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UVA's Effort to Preserve the Card Catalogs

University of Virginia’s Alderman Library has begun its efforts to preserve the card catalogs. The people behind this process consist of student volunteers and led by two PhD students, Neal Curtis and Samuel Lemley. Student volunteers help pack the cards

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by Hugh McLeod

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