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Doomsday Vault for Data

Tucked away on the remote Norwegian archipelago Svalbard exists the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, aka the “Doomsday Vault,” which houses the world’s most important crop seeds. Up until recently the vault was in relative isolation among its arctic surroundings, but

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Learning to Think Like a Computer

Advocates of “computational thinking” are working to give everyone, especially college students but sometimes even children, the opportunity to learn how to code as a basic life skill. “Learning to Think Like a Computer,” an article in this Sunday’s New

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Innovation & Design @ Sony Square, NYC

Last week, I was waiting for one of my dearest friends, Katie, to get off from her job at Sony.  The Sony headquarters is in a beautiful building facing Madison Square Park and has an exhibition space on the ground

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The National Archives (UK) Invests in the Future of Digital Records

For this article, the author, Rebecca Hill, reports on the National Archives in the United Kingdom investing in making their holdings more digital over the next two years.  This plan, “Archives Unlocked” is an effort “to drive innovation and digital

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Librarians as Patron Advocates in the “Privacy Paradox”

The NPR post entitled “Privacy Paradox: What You Can Do About Your Data Right Now” while promoting an upcoming podcast, brings up some increasingly pressing consumer privacy concerns as companies develop technologies which collect and sell user information. Librarians are

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by Hugh McLeod

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