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Intellectual Control & Deaccessioning Surrogate Records

In 2016 my high school’s Institute of Archaeology started a grant-funded project to gain full physical and intellectual control of their collections (both archaeological and anthropological).  SAA defines physical control as “the function of tracking the storage of records to

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Digitizing Everything: Online Archives and Digital Collections

While researching topics for tomorrows “dorkshorts”, I came across a generous blogpost that gives an easy-to-understand run-down of archive digitization and it’s various difficulties. Written by Samantha Thompson, an archivist at Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archive in Ontario, Canada,

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Libraries and museums team up to make bold political statement: Facts are real

  Museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions took to social media on Friday to promote the hashtag #DayOfFacts. While the hashtag claims to be nonpartisan, the issues surrounding the current political climate are inevitably intertwined with this movement. Institutions receiving

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Will Offer Open Access to Public Domain Images in its Collection

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that 375,000 images from its collection that are in the public domain will be available for free to anyone who wants to use them. While the Met is not the only major

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Fall 2016 Final Project: Folksonomies in Libraries

For our LIS 653 Fall 2016 final project, we examined the extent to which libraries are currently using folksonomies in order to discuss the opportunities and limitations of this method of organizing information. Our project explored current research and conversations

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Linking Museums: Who does it hurt?

Does it pay for the Metropolitan Museum and other institutions to link their collection data to other institutions? Due to possible discrepancies in provenances, some institutions could find themselves a few paintings short or may find that certain works could

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by Hugh McLeod

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