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LODLAM Summit 2017 – Technical Challenge Entry: Tag The Web Project

  The main purpose of this project is to create a universal classification on the Web based on the common sense rather than on a traditional classification system created by domain experts. That is, we believe it is easier to

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On the Philosophical Implications of Shelving Books or, The Time I Reorganized the Cook Books at BookCourt

Two years ago, I was working at BookCourt in the wake of a particularly crazed holiday shopping season. The store was empty in the way all of New York feels emptied out in January and July, and I spent several

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Why 19th-Century Naturalists Didn’t Believe in the Platypus

George Shaw’s depiction of a duck-billed platypus from 1809. (Photo: New York Public Library) In his laboratory study in 1799, biologist George Shaw stared down at his new specimen in disbelief. The creature from the colony of New South Wales

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Saving Space, Saving NYPL’s Central Library

As we are beginning to look into systems of classification in class, this article on the New York Public Library’s new space-saving shelving seemed timely. Confronted with its 2014 controversial plans for the destruction of its seven-foot-high bookshelves to accommodate

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On Arranging Books by Color

When it comes to the organization of knowledge, a lot is revealed by the system of organization that’s used. For most serious academic libraries in America, the organizational system of choice was invented in 1874 by Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey

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by Hugh McLeod

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