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“Meet the K-Pop Stans Cataloging Their Fave Groups’ Best Looks”

A major part of K-Pop’s appeal is the bold, often eccentric, meticulously styled and coordinated looks that its stars wear. This article from Dazed is about the growing community of K-Pop fans that are using social media to “catalog,” in

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Crowdsourced Catalog: is a crowdsourced digital archive highlighting the contributions of women throughout history. Sponsored by the New York City Department of Records and Information Services, the archive was launched as a five-year celebration of women’s suffrage in the United States.

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Hope for the Future of Endangered Languages In the UK, a startup named Tribalingual is working to prevent the loss of endangered languages and their respective cultures. Tribalingual founder Inky Gibbens knows that many languages are lost when native speakers are forced to integrate into foreign

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by Hugh McLeod

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