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Undividing Knowledge

Today, I came across an article in Inside Higher Education from two English professors. The piece, titled “Is It Time to Dezone Knowledge?” puts forth the notion of abandoning disciplines in higher-education, in favor of compatibility or interdisciplinary focus to

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Designing for Consistency: The Issue of Unbundling iTunes

I ran into an issue the other day that involved syncing my podcast list from phone to computer — at the time, I didn’t realize that iPhone’s Podcasts app was integrated with iTunes, and all I had to do was

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Umberto Eco Explains Why We Make Lists

Creative Commons image by Rob Bogaerts, via the National Archives in Holland We hate lists, which have told us what to do since at least the days Leonardo da Vinci, and which now, as “listicles,” constitute one of the lowest strata of internet

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by Hugh McLeod

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