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RIP Village Voice: An Archival Cautionary Tale? Peter Schjeldhal is a former contributing writer at the Village Voice, which permanently shuttered last week as an online journal almost a year after discontinuing its print edition. Schjeldhal’s anecdotal recollection of visiting the paper’s archives three years ago

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Card Catalogs + The Secret History of Modernity: Observations by Tim Carmody

“Card catalogs feel very old but are shockingly new. Merchants stored letters and slips of paper on wire or thread in the Renaissance. (Our word “file” comes from filum, or wire.) But a whole technology, based on scientific principles, for storing,

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“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”: Online Documentation of All Things Fred Rogers

In 2008, when PBS announced that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood would no longer be shown daily, Tim Lybarger created an online archive of all things Mister Rogers. What first started out as a blog became the entity it is today:

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BBC launch archive of memorable programmes to help dementia sufferers

The BBC—in conjunction with Dundee University, the University of St Andrews, and the Alzheimer’s Society—has recently launched an online television archive called the BBC Reminiscence Archive (RemArc), a user-friendly archive of historical broadcast footage. The goal of making this footage

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by Hugh McLeod

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