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Science Stories: Using Linked Open Data to Highlight Women in STEM

This early 2019 Yale News article describes a project out of Yale, Science Stories. Science Stories is a linked-data, image-based web application that highlights the women in STEM. “Science Stories was conceived by Katherine Thornton, a Council on Library and

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Undividing Knowledge

Today, I came across an article in Inside Higher Education from two English professors. The piece, titled “Is It Time to Dezone Knowledge?” puts forth the notion of abandoning disciplines in higher-education, in favor of compatibility or interdisciplinary focus to

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Migration of a Library Catalogue into RDA Linked Open Data

Earlier this year, information professionals Candela Gustavo, Rafael Carrasco, and Manuel Marco-Such from various library and university institutions in Spain published an article “Migration of a Library Catalogue into RDA Linked Open Data” in the Semantic Web Journal.  Here they

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Crowdsourcing Crime

With the popularization of true crime in the past few years, because of shows on Netflix, documentaries, and even true crime podcasts, public interest in crimes like homicide and cold cases has gradually risen. So too have people begun to

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LODLAM Summit 2017 – Technical Challenge Entry: Tag The Web Project

  The main purpose of this project is to create a universal classification on the Web based on the common sense rather than on a traditional classification system created by domain experts. That is, we believe it is easier to

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Linked Open Data — What is it?

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From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground

The ALCTS webinar series From MARC to BIBFRAME is preceded by this webinar about BIBFRAME initiatives taking place at the Library of Congress (LC). These will be put into perspective with other BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and Semantic Web initiatives taking

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