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Mapping Paintings

This past summer, Boston University professor Jodi Cranston created Mapping Paintings. Hyperallergic describes Mapping Paintings as “an open-source, searchable platform for compiling provenance data for individual artworks (not just paintings, despite its name), from owners to past locations to details of

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what3words: or how to get a pizza delivered in Ghana The world has a problem, how do you deliver a package, a pizza, or humanitarian aid to somewhere that does not have an address? Street address conventions differ widely throughout the world and in many places, do not

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Stanford researchers map fear and happiness in historic London

A group of digital humanities researchers at Stanford has analyzed the text of about 5,000 British novels published between 1700 and 1900 in order to create an emotional map of London based on how geographic locations were described in the

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by Hugh McLeod

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