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Cursed Content: Occult Voices

Have you ever wanted to listen to creepy, ambient sounds and personal accounts of the paranormal from the Edwardian era? Now, thanks to a new archive of occult audio dating from 1905 to 2007, you can do just that. Ubuweb

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The Free Music Archive is closing down this month

The WFMU project hosted music that was meant to be freely shared Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images The Free Music Archive was founded in 2009, the same year Barack Obama was inaugurated as this country’s first black president. As a

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The Online Sound Archive Preserving “Endangered” Sounds

Fast Company recently published an article on “Conserve the Sound,” (stylized »Conserve the sound«) which is an online sound archive. The work of this German project is focused on “endangered” sounds. As someone who has always been interested in sound

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by Hugh McLeod

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