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MSU Works With Refugee Development Center to Catalog Materials in African Languages

The Library at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, teamed up with the city’s Refugee Development Center to catalog documents written in African languages that include Swahili, Hausa, Arabic, and Amharic. Dean of Libraries Joseph Salem said that the

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Effectively Finding Digital Humanities Projects

One topic that stood out to me from our first class was how organization and classification systems allow users to effectively find what they are looking for. As collections grow we need ways to find the specific items we would

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Send in the Clouds: California Community Colleges Move to Cloud-Based Library Management Platform

Article link: On February 5th the California Community College (CCC) system announced that they would be adopting the same cloud-based system wide library services platform. It is expected to be fully integrated into all 115 schools by 2020. This

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University of Rhode Island Opens AI Lab in Library

I thought this would be an interesting article to discuss, as the last one I found was reminiscent of the bias in AI issue (as discussed in INFO 653-02). This story, from Library Journal, provides a much more positive view

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One College’s Approach To Ethical Subject Headings

The University Libraries at the University of Colorado Boulder recently decided they weren’t going to wait around for our national government to stop using the term “illegal aliens” as a subject heading in the Library of Congress. While they won’t

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Yale Buys Judy Blume Archive

Judy Blume has been a hugely influential young-adult writer, prior to her works the genre barely existed. Vampire, werewolf and wizard’s can thank Judy Blume for their dominance in literature, as the young-adult genre’s popularity has exploded. She inspired children

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by Hugh McLeod

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