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Music Streaming and Metadata

Music streaming services provide some great quick insight into the personal knowledge organization systems of music streamers, as well as insight into some ways metadata can and should be implemented for ease of use. In this blog post I reflect

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FAST Subject Headings at the Pratt Archives

As a Graduate Assistant at the Pratt Institute Archives, my work can look different from day to day. Recently, one of my projects has been to assess current subject headings for each collection as we make the transition from Library

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The NYPL Picture Collection: Cataloging Visual Resources for Visual Thinkers

In an increasingly visual world, libraries are trying to find non-textual ways to meet their patrons. Whether this is providing access to a digital archive at a university or museum, subscribing to streaming video platforms at a public library, or

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Keynote: “Questioning Wikidata”

Classification is never neutral.  Os Keyes’ keynote at WikiDataCon 2019 “Questioning Wikidata” explores this more. Using Bowker and Star’s Sorting Things Out as a framework, they explore how classification systems are “doomed to failure and hurt people” (around 5:30). They

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MSU Works With Refugee Development Center to Catalog Materials in African Languages

The Library at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, teamed up with the city’s Refugee Development Center to catalog documents written in African languages that include Swahili, Hausa, Arabic, and Amharic. Dean of Libraries Joseph Salem said that the

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To Name a Thing

The Power of Naming : A technology for mastering the world / Cecilia Sjöholm This essay reminded me of topics we’ve touched on in class, from the organizational follies of names to the subjective nature of classification. Cecilia Sjöholm recounts

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Indigenous Knowledge Organization

The Xwi7xwa Library in British Columbia is approaching its collection in a way that serves the needs of indigenous patrons and addresses the problems of western focused organization systems.  The library is catering to its patrons not only through their

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Plants and Whatnot: Multiplayer Inventory Organization in Minecraft

Over the last couple weeks, my boyfriend and I have been playing Minecraft together. For readers unfamiliar with the game, it is a combination survival/sandbox style video game. You must survive in a hostile world, and everything must be sourced

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by Hugh McLeod

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