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Duly Noted: The Past, Present, and Future of Note-Taking by Sebastian Stockman from the Atlantic. November 2019

Though this article is from 2012, I feel like it still holds relevance to the topics we’ve been discussing in Knowledge Organization. Are handwritten notes the original form of information organization? Part of our profession is considering how to create access points in catalogs through conceptual models like FRBR that focus on “user-centric” methodologies. Does looking at how people organize personal notes give insight to how they would navigate a database? 

The article also mentions Future of the Book, whose founder Bob Stein proposed Social Book a communal annotating platform for books. This bring up another question of how would you catalog a book altered through user consumption?

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Institute for the Future of the Book. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2019, from http://futureofthebook.org/

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