LC Launches Web Cultures, Webcomics Archives

Article from Library Journal

The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress is creating two new born-digital collections – The Web Cultures Web Archive (WCWA) and Webcomics Web Archive (WWA). WCWA will feature memes, gifs, and images from pop culture while WWA will collect comics created for online audiences. The Library of Congress is dedicated to preserving ephemera of the Internet as well as spoken word, dance, artwork, stories and mythology, and records of community life.

LC started archiving websites, mostly government and political sites, in 2000 using Internet Archive, but in 2010 it began archiving broader categories such as media, political commentary, and blogs. WCWA relies on nominations to determine what memes and gifs should be archived. While the LC has been interested in pop and internet culture for a while, it has only recently been able to archive it do to technological and space constrictions. LC uses DigiBoard, which automates and streamlines collection activities and generates metadata. After nominations are reviewed, LC must get permission from site owners to crawl their sites and display them in its collection. Currently, access to the web archives is very simple, with only item records and descriptive data in MODS format. At some point, LC is hoping to include a full text search feature and derivative datasets.

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