Saturday Evening Post Puts Its Nearly 200-Year Archive Online

“What started more than three decades ago as an effort to preserve over 300 Norman Rockwell covers, the Saturday Evening Posthas finally unveiled its new digital archive, consisting of thousands of magazines that date back to its founding in 1821.

“It was a culmination of decisions that started even before there were digitization possibilities,” says the CEO of the Saturday Evening Post, Joan SerVaas, who starting in the mid-80s, while in charge of licensing and intellectual property for the Rockwell art, began the process of preservation by making transparencies for the over 3,500 magazine covers in the archive. This then led to the color-copy stage in the mid-90s, and eventually gave way to the technology of the early 2000s which allowed the 197-year-old publication to go digital.”

Folio Mag, link to full article

Alvina Lai
Fall 2018
LIS 653-002


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