New Zealand’s First Wikipedian-At-Large


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With a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation, Mike Dickison is traveling New Zealand to recruit volunteer editors for Wikipedia. The country has been sorely underrepresented on the site, and Dickison holds the honor as New Zealand’s first official Wikipedian-at-Large.

Mike Dickison was always a collector of items and information; and had his own “museum” as a child. He translated this proclivity for collecting into his career as a natural history curator, editing Wikipedia after work every day. Gradually, he began to feel that the work he was doing after hours was having more of an impact than his day job. And when an earthquake destroyed much of his childhood hometown, Christchurch, he was reminded of the power and persistence of digital preservation.

Dickison holds training sessions for burgeoning Wikipedia editors and hopes to use his work to “entice reticent public and private institutions to crack open their vaults of knowledge and expertise.”

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-Kari Belsheim, INFO 653-01

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