The Haskell Free Library and Opera House


The Haskell Library is famous for being built on the border of the US and Canada, in the province of Quebec and Vermont. The black border strip divides the building into two parts, but since all the books – 20,000 volumes – are on the Canadian half of the building, Haskell Library is called “the only library in the US with no books.” On the second floor of the building there is a small opera house for 400 spectators. The theater is also called the only opera house in the US without a stage, because the stage is also on the Canadian side. The library itself has two addresses – Canadian and American, and two telephone numbers with two different international codes.

The collection of books is presented in two languages, English and French, and the books are co-filed. Since the two languages have different rules for spine titling – in American English the title direction is top-to-bottom, in French bottom-to-top – you can easily determine the language of the books.

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