Congress Pushes for Document Preservation Regarding Recent Muslim Ban


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Following President Donald Trump’s executive order signed last month restricting travel for immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security–after a request from the US Congress–has instructed personnel to retain and preserve all documents concerning the order. Homeland Security has multiple concerns regarding the immediate implementation of the order, which was chaotic and implemented differently across US states and airports.

Without preservation of internal documents, investigations leading to the revelations of Watergate, Iran-Contra, WikiLeaks, Abu Ghraib, Nuremberg trials, and innumerable other scandals, abuses, and war crimes would have been alternately unexposed or unprosecutable. These instances display the essentialness of document preservation and records keeping practices in order to maintain a free society where power can be held to account–or, at the very least, exposed in the future.


S. Senturk – LIS 653/Wed. SP 2017

Devereaux, R. D. H. S., Hussain, M., & Speri, A. (2017, February 1). Homeland Security Inspector General Opens Investigation of Muslim Ban, Orders Document Preservation. Retrieved February 8, 2017, from

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