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The visit to the Grolier Club reminded me of this interesting piece about the “afterlife” of books from On The Media earlier this year.  Books have incredible meaning in our lives and for many, in our homes. If you desire a library archive of treasured books without a lifetime of collecting, there’s hope.  The story profiles Wonder Books and its founder, Chuck Roberts, who supplies books by the foot to movie set designers, office managers, model home decorators, and to individual homeowners. Listen to the Podcast or read the transcript.

–Jo Polanco 653.02

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One comment on “Books By The Foot
  1. KOstudent says:

    I am thinking it is another efficient way for patrons to find books by the foot. Not sure if there is anyone else remember a book by its appearance, but I sometimes search for books by color instead of author or title. The appearance of a book serves aesthetics function and perhaps is the reason why e-book cannot replace paper books.

    — Yangyang Long 653.02


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