The Internet Archive Is Moving to Canada

The Internet Archive, one of the most significant library and archiving projects of our modern digital world, is moving to Canada.  Adi Robertson reports in The Verge that the San Francisco-based Internet Archive is moving forward with plans to create a backup archive in Canada, in response to political uncertainty resulting from the incoming US presidential administration.

Threats during the 2016 campaign of increased surveillance and censorship of online activity in the US spell a potential danger to the archive’s mission and functioning.  The hope is that creating a redundant archive in a more liberal political atmosphere will protect the information that has been collected from loss due to government action.

As Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle points out, “The history of libraries is one of loss.  The Library of Alexandria is best known for its disappearance.”  And the challenge of preserving knowledge faces added complexity in a time of changing technologies, and emerging legal frameworks to cope with the modern information world.

– Ian Knight, LIS-653-02

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by Hugh McLeod

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