U.S. Chief Information Officer Seeks To Upgrade Government’s Computers


This is more computer related but the article addresses the idea that catalogs and organizational materials need to be maintained and updated. In this story the organizational material are computers are holding our government documents which are at risk of being easily hacked. The information being stored here is critical to maintaining stability for America, such as tax information, social security etc. For example the governments department of defense nuclear weapons force relies on information on a system from the 1970’s on floppy disks. Some say it is good because hackers do not know these old systems enough to hack them but they are easily understood and studied without any modern security measures that can be implemented to make them more secure. What it all comes down to is the money we need to do this update, which I think should be a priority for our national security to be protected.

Elana Scaglia – LIS_653-02

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by Hugh McLeod

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