How One Audio Archivist Works To Preserve Yellowstone’s Iconic Sounds


The Society of American Archivists’ Facebook page shared this article a few weeks back, and while it’s not quite related to what we’re covering in class right now I think it’s really interesting and raises some unique knowledge organization problems. WBUR (Boston’s NPR station) did an interview with Jennifer Jerrett, a sounder producer for Acoustic Atlas. Acoustic Atlas, which is curated by the Montana State University Library, is collecting audio recordings of animal/environmental sounds. They are creating recordings themselves and collecting recordings made by others. Their goal is to make these sounds accessible on the web. They already have many online, and you can search their whole site for sounds or go through their grouped collections (by area, type, etc.). The unique expertise needed to create metadata for these sounds makes this project a different kind of knowledge organizaton task. I also think their website is a great example of a very well-done and usable online archive.

Article Link

Acoustic Atlas

-Meg Edison

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