US National Archives launches new collection of free historical GIFs


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently realised its own channel on Giphy where people upload GIFs. This online library of GIFs contains an “animated history of all flavours including major historic events, celebrities, National Parks, newsreels, animated patents, dancing sailors,” etc. And each GIF links back to National Archives Catalog. As Allison Meier commented on Hyperallergic, NARA’s GIFs “are a savvy initiative to connect a wider audience with the richness of the National Archives”. In other words, they are telling people how to accurately document sources, as well as place the images in context.

— Yangyang Long (LIS 653 02)

NARA’s Channel on Giphy (link)

Allison Meier’s comment (link)


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  1. KOstudent says:

    Another great gallery of historical GIFs can be found at Stereogranimator ( which contains a dizzying array of 3D images from the stereograph collections of the New York Public Library. Created by NYPL Labs, Stereogranimator is a tool that allows users to find inspiration in the library collections and form their own trippy GIFs. — Crystal Chen, LIS-653-02


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