Nationalmuseum Releases 3,000 Images on Wikimedia Commons

NM 2068

Manet, Édouard. A Parisian Lady. Unknown date. Oil on canvas. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

Nationalmuseum Stockholm, the national gallery of Sweden, has partnered with Wikipedia Svergie to release high-resolution images of 3,000+ paintings from their collection on Wikimedia Commons.  Formatted as .tiff files, these images are freely available for download as public domain.  This release is part of Nationalmuseum’s larger digitization efforts, supporting their long-term goal of offering online access to all works in the collection along with archival material.  Nationalmuseum now joins a growing number of institutions at the forefront of digitization and progressive copyright reform, including Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark in Cophenhagen) and Rijksmuseum (Dutch national museum in Amsterdam).

Equally exciting is the release of Nationalmuseum Wikidata on GitHub as raw materials for coders to use.  This metadata, described using LIDO XML, includes artist, title, media, dimensions for each work in both English and Swedish.  Great news for large-scale open data exchange!

– Rachel Egan (LIS 653-02)


Nationalmuseum announcement (link)

Wikimedia Commons Nationalmuseum media (link)

Nationalmuseum Wikidata (github)

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  1. KOstudent says:

    I’m excited about the positive impact this will have on the art community. Beyond simply increasing public access to these works, Nationalmuseum Stockholm is also contributing to the free exchange of creativity and knowledge, giving artists open license to remix these works to create something new and inventive. Hopefully more galleries and museums will follow suit! — Crystal Chen, LIS-653-02


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