What the Trump tapes can teach us about news archives

This article looks at news archives and explores the value in news companies both keeping their footage and keeping this footage well organized., even if it can’t be used immediately for a story. The article looks at this with respect to the recent Trump and Billy Bush Access Hollywood video that was released last Friday.

Article here.

-Marlene Michalek

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One comment on “What the Trump tapes can teach us about news archives
  1. KOstudent says:

    This quote near the end of the article really resonated with me: “Technology systems are not designed for keeping information for long periods of time, just for getting it out there….If you want to see something digital survive, you have to take care of it forever.” It’s interesting to note that while digital technology may be the solution to issues of paper preservation, it comes with its own unique set of challenges. While large amounts of digital information can be stored, information retrieval becomes problematic, especially with the continuous influx of data. The article makes an argument for at least tagging new content, but without knowing what information we’ll need in the future, tagging remains an imperfect solution to larger issues of digital information preservation and retrieval. — Crystal Chen, LIS-653-02


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