From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground

The ALCTS webinar series From MARC to BIBFRAME is preceded by this webinar about BIBFRAME initiatives taking place at the Library of Congress (LC). These will be put into perspective with other BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and Semantic Web initiatives taking place in the broader information community. Speakers from the Library of Congress will give an overview of continuing BIBFRAME work among the participants in BIBFRAME Pilot Phase 1. They will provide updates on LC and BIBFRAME 2.0 implementation, work on profiles in anticipation of a BIBFRAME Pilot Phase 2, and continuing LC BIBFRAME work with special formats (A/V, sound recordings, and prints and photographs). In addition, they will review LD4P (Linked Data for Production) initiatives and LC involvement with them, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) BIBFRAME Task Group, and RDA’s influence on BIBFRAME 2.

October 12 – Library of Congress BIBFRAME Developments

  • The significance of BIBFRAME initiatives taking place at the Library of Congress
  • Plans for Pilot Phase 2 of BIBFRAME
  • Library of Congress involvement with Linked Data and Semantic Web initiatives and other projects taking place in the broader information community

*This session is free and a complimentary part of the series. Registration for other sessions in the “From MARC to BIBFRAME” series is not necessary to participate.

October 19 – Putting the Link in Linked Data

  • The importance of moving from text strings to URIs to link entities and resources
  • The difference between traditional authority control and URI-based entity management
  • Some implications for workflows in the URI-based cataloging environment
  • BIBFRAME_model.jpgThe BIBFRAME Model
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